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Our SMEs business apps are built to give you an equal foothold in the mobile app marketplace, and with over 96% of UK adults owning or having access to a mobile phone or tablet devices, it's a marketplace not to be overlooked.

How can a mobile app help your business?

A mobile app connects you to your customers, in particular, engaged and loyal customers! They are the lifeblood of any business. A mobile app is such a versatile marketing tool that not only can you connect with your app users (your customers) when you want. You can offer loyalty rewards and incentives, exclusive offers, take bookings and so much more with our app features and integrations.

We see people every single day in every walk of life with a mobile phone in hand. With a business app, you will be as close to your customer as their phone is to them, and we all know that's not very far.

We're already online!!

These days nearly everyone has a website and utilises at least one social network. Traditionally small businesses relied on repeat custom, word-of-mouth and local advertising but even the smallest businesses found that their customers expect at the very least a website. For a while that was enough and a simple web presence was all that was needed. Then along came social networking, SEO, and PPC advertising.

Unfortunately, the web and social networking are also over-populated and unless you have a great marketing team and a big budget it's far too easy to be lost or overlooked in the fast moving news-feeds.

Not only do our mobile apps connect directly with your app users, they also fully support all of the main social networks so there's no need to duplicate your work. You can even incentivise your users to share your offers or events with their social networks. In our eyes, that's a win-win!

Is it time to consider a mobile app for your business? Our mobile apps are a cost effective engaging marketing tool that really does provide a great return on your investment.

Download our Small Business Mobile App Guide to learn why you should take your business mobile.

Download our Small Business Guide to see how an app can help your business grow

Download our Small Business Guide

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